Roatan Island Honduras: Facts

For those who need to be In the know about Roatan... Or are just lost!

Where is Roatan?

(16.34°N 86.33° W)

Located in the Western and Northern Hemisphere of Central America in the country of Honduras bordering Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador, 1816 km or 1129 miles north of the equator. In the Bay of Honduras (some say Western Caribbean) between the islands of Utila and Guanaja.


Roatan has a tropical climate, though constant sea breezes keep the islands average temperature between 70°F and 90°F. The yearly average temperature is 82°F. Rainy season is October - January and the average rain fall is 87 inches.

Flora, Fauna,
Birds & Marine Life

  • Flora: Tropical jungle with a mix of hard woods. , you will also find bromeliads, ferns, orchids, bamboo, palms, Hog Plum, Nance and Strangler Fig are also found. A variety of plants are found along Roatan´s tropical beaches. Coconut palms, coco plums, sea grapes, almond trees and a variety of vines and flowering plants. Mangrove forests are found throughout Roatan and play an important role in protecting the coastal shoreline from storm and wind damage. Mangroves are also important breeding grounds for marine life.
  • Fauna: 12 mammal species, 36 species of reptiles and amphibians.
  • Birds: 120 species of resident and migratory birds, approx 40 species actually live and nest on Roatan, the rest are migratory birds. The Yellow-naped Parrot is found in Roatan and is an endangered species.
  • Marine Life: Fringing coral reef with hundreds of fish and invertebrates. About 40 reptile species are found in Roatan including the endangered Hawksbill turtle. You will also find six species of frogs, 15 lizard species and 13 snake species.

Food, Drink, Cooking & Dining

Weather you:
  • Cook yourself or hire a local chef for the meal. You can chose from either local style or North American style grocery stores.
  • Stop on the roadside and select from many of the local food vendors.
  • Many restaurants dot the island serving local dishes as well as international cuisine.
  • If you wish a night on the town, Roatan offers some of the best upscale restaurants, that offer local as well as international cuisine

Your first drink of the day, is your last dive of the day.

  • Beer Foreign and Domestic (Just to name a few.)
    • Port Royal
    • Salva Vida
    • Imperial
    • Rarena
  • Wines & Premium Wines available
  • Rum Rum and more Rum...
  • Straight, mixed, specialty drinks to your liking.

Alcoholics Anonymous
Friends of Bill and Bob have meetings on the island.

  • Banks: Normal business hours, you will find them crowded with long lines at peak times.
  • Credit Cards & ATM's: Accepted most places not all, best to inquire before trying to use.
  • Currency: Limpera National currency with the USA dollar quite common. Bring 1, 5 & 10's larger bills can be a problem. Any defects on bills and they will not be accepted.
  • Languages: Spanish national language with English a close second.
  • Time Zone: Central time zone but day light saving time not observed. GMT six hours behind.
  • Electricity: Same a USA 110 volts 60 MHz same plugs. European style plug converts if you use this type and surge suppressors are a good idea to bring.
  • Internet: Is available although sometimes at a charge. Not the fastest but gets the job done so they say. May want to bring your own modem to smooth things our a bit.
  • Shopping: Gift Shops with local fair trade items as well as internetional items. Duty free shops are also available. A fairly large strip mall is in French Harbor, Several grocery stores both American style and local. Large and small mostly in the west end and central part of the island.
  • Tips: what is the standard rate on Roatan? 10% is standared although 20% helps the local economy. Some places add it to your bill you will need to check your receipts on this.
  • Is the drinking water safe to drink?
    Tap water is not recommended to drink in Honduras. All good restaurants and hotels will provide purified water or use purified water in food preparation. Purified water can be bought easily throughout the country.
  • How do I call to and from Roatan?
  • What should we bring to Roatan?
    The Roatan climate is warm all year round except for November, December and January. Light casual clothing is best and a rain jacket, sandals, bathing suit and sturdy hiking boots or shoes are all important items to bring. Sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat are needed most of the year, as the sun is hot and strong. Insect repellent is also needed mainly for nights and some beaches where sand flies are found.
    Additional traveling items:
    Photocopies of passport and airline tickets, best  to keep original passport on your person at all times.
    Back up money supply in travelers checks or credit cards.
    Always tag or label all your luggage when flying to and from Roatan.
    Flashlight (tourch)
One of the most remarkable insects ever, the leaf-cutter Ant.


Are there bugs and critters on Roatan?
It's the tropics...

Best to keep sprayed with any spray that has a minimum of 25% Deet. We recommend Deep Woods Off.

It was late one night, I was home alone. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye. Two antennae emerged, Oh look at that big bug hustle!
  • What are accommodations like?
    Roatan offers a wide range of accommodations from modern hotels, resorts, nature lodges a wide range of mid class hotels to budget hotels and backpackers. Roatan really has accommodation options for all budgets and requirements.
  • Cruiseships visit Roatan and when?
    Roatan is home to two cruiseship ports, the Port of Roatan in Coxen Hole and Mahogany Bay located in Dixon Cove. The majority of cruiseships arrive in Roatan between October and April with Roatan annually receiving approx 250+ ships and close to 1 million visitors.
  • What is the diving like on Roatan?
    The diving on Roatan is incredible! People come from all over the world, not only for the reasonable diving and dive training prices, but because of the wide array of sea life the islands contain.


It is an easy travel destination being in the middle of the Americas. From anywhere around the globe probable just 2 or 3 hops. From Forida, Texas and a few other USA starting points direct check on this as its always changing.

  • Is there an airport tax?
    All international passengers are required to pay approx a $40 per person departure airport tax. Only cash is accepted for this departure tax.
  • Passport
    A valid passport is required for all visitors to Roatan. Check to see if it good for a least 6 months this one gets a little stickey.
  • Can we rent a car on Roatan?
    Most car rental companies also have offices in the airport, and will meet you at your flight. To drive legally on Roatan, you need a valid driver’s license from your place of residence. You may drive with a foreign license for up to 30 days. Beyond that you will need to apply for a Honduran license. You may occasionally be stopped by police at checkpoints, and be required to show your driver’s license and the registration card of the vehicle and possible your passport.

Is it safe in Roatan?

  • Well to start with it is a third world country with poverty, low standards for education and the USA usually has travel advisories out.
  • The up side is its a world class travel destination that produces good revenue for the country of Honduras. This in turn motivates the government to keep Roatan isand safe as they can. They actually do a pretty good job at keeping the tourists safe.
  • Roatan is a safe holiday destination, though basic travel common sense is required. Be careful where you walk at night, do not carry or show a lot of valuable items, do not leave unattended items on the beach etc.

Health issues for visitors to Roatan?

  • No vaccinations are required to enter Roatan and Honduras. However, it is always good plan to have your Tetanus, Hepatitus A & B up to date before traveling. Check with your local doctor before departure.
  • Malaria is found intermittently along most of the North Coast of Honduras and sometimes in the Bay Islands. Wearing insect repellant and clothing such as sleeved shirts and pants are a good idea during dawn and dusk hours and in mosquito prone areas even if you are taking preventive medication.
  • On Roatan you will find a public hospital and a few private clinics, Wood’s Clinic, Cornerstone Medical Clinic at Anthony’s Key Resort and Clinica Esperanza in Sandy Bay.
  • Pharmacies can be found in several locations for basic medical requirements, though all prescription medicines should be brought with you.

More Info Coming Soon

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