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Roatan Island Honduras

Roatans Mad Existence

Roatan Location on a  Global Map

Over the last 1,000,000 years, Roatan has experienced a remarkable history. From tropical paradise to the original Banana Republic. On this site we will examine the life and times of Roatan island Honduras.

National Geographic shows a map of how and where the first peoples came from and when. They estimate that the earliest were around 500 BC.

Although there is a new revaltion that the first to settle the America's., were european cave men coming across the ice 17, 000 years ago during one of our many ice ages. During the worst weather in man's history. There is a possiblity that folks of an adventurous spirit, maybe following the herds of game or just getting lost on the ice came over first. It is thought that exiles from european settlements could have been a large percentage of these settlers. As they were cast out of villages for moral or ethical diffences.


Today you will find Roatan to be as diverse as it comes. Showing in the faces and culture of the island residents. It does not get better than this.

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